EPOLIT FIX 919 TIX DIAMOND is a bicomponent epoxy adhesive system, designed exclusively for the bonding of ceramics with very low or no porosity.
The usage in products to be applied outdoor areas is guaranteed: on the one hand, it is resistant to yellowing by the action of UV rays; and as regards the properties of resistance to temperature changes, it has been certified by the Technical Ceramic Institute (ITC).
The composition of the EPOLIT FIX provides us with adequate rheological behavior to mix the product easily and apply the product in a simple way. Likewise, it is developed to obtain a perfect impregnation of the surface and so that the material does not fall off.
Regarding the tonality, a very neutral tone has been achieved, so that, in a very high percentage of cases, it is not necessary to color. And in those that need to change its tonality, it perfectly accepts the addition of colorants and the performance is extraordinary.
Finally,should be noted that this product has a very fast drying time compared to most of the studied cases of epoxy adhesives on the market.

Product references:
EF919B2/1 o EF939B2/1 (PART B)