Quality policy

Quality policy

SIGMADIAMANT is a company specialized in the design, repairment and commercialization of diamond tools for cutting, polishing and squaring for all those companies that carry out their activity within the ceramic and natural stone field. SIGMADIAMANT has maintained an evolutionary line characterized by constant growth, a strong commitment to innovation and a clear vocation towards an efficient, stable and committed customer service, defining as a general policy, achieving full customer satisfaction, considering this a factor key to establishing future strategies.

The top of the board of SIGMADIAMANT wants to formally express with this declaration, the general quality policy established for this company, in accordance with the criteria established in ISO 9001: 2015, as well as with all the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to it, pursuing the compliance of the objectives set by our company.

The culture of SIGMADIAMANT, considers that the Quality Management System, is not a matter of a person but is the result of a joint work of all members of the company, therefore, the entire organization is involved in the achievement of the quality of our services and in ensuring their profitability and competitiveness, trying to spread a culture of continuous improvement of our processes.

With the intention of achieving the highest competitiveness in the market, we exercise adequate control over the policy of continuous improvement, developing corrective and improvement actions necessary to avoid the reappearance of internal and external problems.

This system will be periodically reviewed in order to verify that its effectiveness and adequacy are constantly maintained. For all this, the management makes available to its staff all the necessary means for the correct development and implementation of a quality assurance system according to ISO 9001: 2015.

The management of the company acquires the commitment to disclose (both internally and externally) the quality policy and undertakes to enforce and monitor compliance throughout the company, and also as appropriate, to suppliers and external customers.

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