Practical videos

Diamond tools for cutting, polishing, chamfering, squaring, edge polsihing and traetment.

Video tutorials

Dry manual bevelling in ceramic bullnose

Surface treatment with sealing liquid and brushing

The art of polishing

Drilling ceramic porcelain with diamond crown

Dry Manual Cut and bevel in porcelain tiles

Resistance test of bicomponent epoxy adhesive

Cerámicas Halcón. Course of polishing and surface treatment

Cleaning of adhesive remains in technical steps

45º Cutting in ceramics. Manual mitering

Sigmadiamant tools

Thermomechanical treatment

The art of polishing

Tools for a perfect finishing

Squaring ceramics. Wheels for dry and wet squaring

How manufacture rounded bullnose in granite. Dry polishing

How to assemble steps in epoxy cartridge.

How to make manual miter with grinder

How we prepare your orders at Sigmadiamant

Dry grinding line. Sigmadiamant

Sigmadiamant products


Pegado de piezas encimera

How to make a hole for a ceramic hob with a radial saw blade

Hacer orificio de grifo en encimera

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